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5 tips for success in Fabamaq's interview and recruitment processes

When we talk about a recruitment process, the moment of the first interview is one of the most important and decisive stages in a candidate's selection process. In this article, our Gamer Sandra Oliveira, People Business Partner at Fabamaq, shares with us some tips for succeeding in job interviews.

The first interview at Fabamaq is the first effective contact between candidates, the company, and the people who, in a face-to-face or virtual way, open the doors to the Gamer world. Keep reading to discover how to better prepare for this new phase of your career!

Embracing interviews with preparation and tranquility

We want to give you tips to feel as true as possible to who you are daily and, in that temporal space, to be able to demonstrate your personality, your background, what you expect from Fabamaq, and the value you intend to deliver if you transition from a candidate to a Gamer. Below you can find some recommendations.

1. Preparation before the interview: how to stay calm in a first contact

Before applying for any job vacancy, try to understand the company's core business, as well as the Mission, Vision, and Values that characterize it. This information will demonstrate that you know the company you are applying to well, and recruiters will appreciate this interest.

Then, if you know someone who has been or is currently a collaborator, try to find out more about the organization. It will be very important to do this research beforehand to prepare yourself as best as possible, make a good impression, and be able to answer any questions or scenarios that may arise in a first conversation.

2. How to stay calm and reduce anxiety on the day of the interview

Another tip we offer you is to try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible on the day of the interview, preventing all scenarios of tension that may occur, for example:

  • If the interview is face-to-face, make sure you arrive on time. Issues such as traffic, parking spaces, or even daily unforeseen events should not be reasons to make you even more nervous;
  • If the interview is remote, test the sound and image beforehand. Use neutral video call backgrounds, without much visual noise, and choose a quiet and uncluttered space.

3. Practice your verbal and non-verbal communication

Don't forget that communication is extremely relevant to demonstrate how you relate to others. It's important to note that your performance in the interview will be evaluated by a People element who will analyze how you structure your reasoning, your critical thinking, or even your problem-solving skills.

it recruiter working at the computer at a software house preparing for interview
Having a team-work mentality is often valued by recruiters and it can be a selection factor when it comes to making a job proposal to a candidate in a IT-related field.

Prepare for possible practical cases, and real situations that you have experienced and that will be requested for the interview. Often, it's not just your technical knowledge, the way you express yourself to others and your soft-skills will also be evaluated to have a good working environment.

4. Be curious during interviews. Ask questions!

In any interview you do, some questions are almost always asked by the recruiter, so think carefully about the answers you want to give to avoid being caught off guard. Some examples:

  • What are your salary expectations for the position you are applying for?
  • What is your availability to embrace the new challenge?
  • ​What do you expect to find in a technological company like Fabamaq?
  • According to your professional background, how do you intend to contribute to the company?
  • and more.

However, an interview at Fabamaq is a conversation turned into an interview that is bilateral. Therefore, take advantage of this moment to ask questions and not end the conversation with doubts that have not been raised. Examples of questions to ask:

  • What is the company's culture and environment like?
  • How many people make up my team and what do they do?
  • What other perks does the company offer?
  • What is the company's work regime?
  • What are the career progression opportunities?
  • What initiatives does the company promote internally?
  • and others.

5. Practice the technical component of the position you are applying for

If the position has a technical component, you will be alerted to this before the interview. Therefore, review your knowledge in the area, as the hiring managers of the team you are applying to will most likely review an exercise you have performed or do it in real time.

Do not try to use this interview time to mirror attitudes that are not yours or to omit information. It will be very important to be clear, transparent, and true, and never forget, the commitment to the company begins now.

After the interview, the Fabamaq People team will give you the next steps in the process and, in the end, the biggest and best tip we can give you is... be yourself.

Good luck and see you soon!

Article written by Gamer Sandra Oliveira, People Business Partner at Fabamaq

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