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Fabamaq donates thousands to solidarity organizations in Portugal

All about Fabamaq's Solidarity Actions in December

As we say our goodbyes to 2023, we are not just celebrating milestones in game development but reflecting on the impact we've made outside the casino world. Join us on a journey through last month’s solidarity initiatives, where Fabamaq's commitment to making a positive change goes beyond the lines of code.

With the help of our Gamers, we channeled our efforts into meaningful contributions to Portuguese communities, fueling positive change in the lives of those in need. Check out all our initiatives down below!

Taking Proximity further with last December's solidarity actions

As we navigate the world of technology, we do so with a deep understanding that our responsibilities go far beyond Fabamaq’s office space. Join us in exploring the chapters last December’s solidarity initiatives:

Over 4.000€ donated to Solidarity Organizations

Fabamaq put into practice its core values through its commitment to supporting Portuguese families, by donating 4.000€ through the Coverflex app to social institutions such as APPACDM, Ajudaris, Aldeia SOS, CASA, Associação Santa Isabel, GAS Porto Grupo de Ação Social and Solar do Mimo.

Fabamaq donates 4.000€ to solidarity organizations in Portugal

Fabamaq’s Gamers, through their generosity in contributing with their power-ups via the Coverflex platform, played a crucial role in providing monetary help to those who need it most, matching last year’s donation.

Food, Toys, Accessories, and Essential Goods donated to MAD Panda

Fabamaq's Gamers demonstrated their commitment not only to human welfare but also to the well-being of our loyal and furry companions.

Fabamaq donates food, toys and accessories to animal organizations in Portugal

Through their selflessness, we were able to donate food, toys, accessories and essential goods, that are especially useful during the winter season, to MAD Panda. An animal support association that collaborates with dozens of organizations to provide comfort and vitality to numerous animals.

Creating a better world, one donation at a time

At Fabamaq, Proximity is more than just a core value, it's a way of being. We keep actively working towards positive change by contributing to various causes thus creating a ripple effect, inspiring others to join the movement and make a collective impact.

By supporting sustainable solidarity initiatives, Fabamaq underlines its mission of making a difference, one donation at a time.

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