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ordem dos psicólogos portugueses visita fabamaq conversa sobre boas condições de trabalho

Fabamaq hosts Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses in session on Work-Life Balance

One year after receiving the "Healthy Workplace" award by the Portuguese Psychologists' Association (OPP), Fabamaq welcomed the organization in a visit marked by conversations about good working conditions and work-life balance last April 20th.

The distinction, which brought Fabamaq 1st place in the Medium Companies category, motivated the recent visit of the institution to the Invicta Software House. Not only to show our work processes and corporate culture but also to demonstrate the impact of the Healthy Workplace award in the commitment to our Gamers were some of the goals.

A visit marked by debates on well-being at work

In an afternoon marked by the visit of Francisco Miranda Rodrigues, President of the Board of the organization, Cristina Pereira, Member of the Board of Directors, and Eduardo Carqueja, President of the Regional Delegation of the North, the members were welcomed by João Maia, Chief Operating Officer, and Tiago Gomes, People Business Partner at Fabamaq.

The visit was marked by sharing of experiences on mental health in the workplace.

They sat with the Research & Development team, tested our casino gaming machines, followed our Gamers' work routines and discussed the impact of the prize on the company, as well as the psychosocial risks in the work environment.

"This award has provided the company the consolidation of the continuous search to offer excellent conditions and well-being to our internal audience. With it, also came an added responsibility to maintain the quality standards that we have been recognized", reveals Tiago Gomes, People Business Partner at Fabamaq.

Fabamaq's People Management Models

The People Management policies and benefit programs implemented by Fabamaq aim at attracting new talents and captivating current ones - a winning practice that is now consolidated with the presence of the OPP's Board of Directors in the company accompanied by the People Management team.

These efforts to establish mental and physical health initiativies on the company's culture, bringing emotional and material value for our Gamers, has been on the go for 7 years now - an innovative and pioneering approach carefully planned out by the People, Interaction and Brand (PIB) team.

Promising synergies were celebrated in a visit with impact for both institutions.

Nonetheless, creating ambitious programs in the management of Fabamaq's internal audience always implies taking into account the challenges associated with each specific work team.

Identifying the triggers that can awaken feelings of dissatisfaction in other employees can be the first step to implementing strategies capable of bridging those gaps.

About the Healthy Workplaces Award

The award from the Portuguese Psychologists' Association aims to recognize companies that carry out actions to promote safety, well-being and health in the workplace.

Fabamaq applied for the award for the first time last year and secured the distinction among other companies due to the strategy and actions it presented regarding people management practices.

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