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Career jackpot opportunities

At Fabamaq, we put the focus on people. Expect all the proximity, sharing, boldness, adaptability and commitment to create the casino games of the future.

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This is us

A hand full of values defines our culture.

These are the pillars that guide our Gamers' journeys, being part of their routines.

  • 01

    Sharing creates common growth.

  • 02

    Boldness brings passion to games.

  • 03

    Commitment builds trustful bonds.

  • 04

    Adaptability boosts evolution.

  • 05

    Proximity makes you take the extra push.

Casino Gaming products fully developed in-house

As part of Porto’s technology hub, we strive to develop competitive casino products both for the land-based and online gaming markets.

That’s why the games created at our software-house are winning over players all over America, Asia and Europe.

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Diverse range of casino game categories

We are changing the casino gaming landscape with proven know-how in the video bingo, slots, table and crash games segments.

What to expect from Fabamaq:

  • Top-notch software and hardware
  • Impressive game features
  • Engaging & original game graphics
  • Spotless customer service
  • And a great amount of fun!
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