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Gamer company tech event having fun at a party event team-building

Play, Win, Repeat: A Wrap-Up of Fabamaq's GAMERFEST event

On June 7th, Fabamaq's Gamers gathered at the iconic Casa da Arquitetura in Matosinhos for a night of celebration and connection. With a lively Arraial, the GAMERFEST brought together game developers, software testers, quality assurance technicians, mathematicians, game artists, project managers, and many more for a memorable team-building experience.

The good vibes only added to the festive atmosphere as everyone enjoyed a range of activities including DJs, food and drinks, and traditional state fair games. Keep reading to discover all about Fabamaq's anual team-building!


GAMERFEST: Setting the Stage for Fun

The anticipation for the GAMERFEST had been building. The choice of Casa da Arquitetura in Matosinhos provided the perfect backdrop for the event, combining modern architecture with the rustic charm of a farm state fair.

The theme was chosen to resonate deeply with our Gamers' DNA, emphasizing our values of Proximity, Adaptability, Sharing, Commitment, and Boldness.

Gamer company tech event having fun at a party event team-building

These values are not just words, but the foundation of our daily interactions and long-term goals. The fairground atmosphere was designed to foster a sense of togetherness and fun, echoing the collaborative and vibrant nature of our work environment.

Good Vibes and Great Times

As the event kicked off, the excitement was palpable. The hot weather did nothing to dampen spirits as attendees were treated to an array of entertainment options. DJs kept the energy high with their electrifying sets, while the aroma of mouth-watering food and drinks filled the air.

Traditional state fair games provided endless amusement, bringing out the competitive spirit in everyone. The festive decorations, complete with colorful bunting and fairy lights, transformed Casa da Arquitetura into a whimsical playground.

Gamers company tech event having fun at a party event team-building

Laughter and cheers echoed through the venue as colleagues bonded over games and shared experiences. The combination of great music, delicious food, and engaging activities created an unforgettable atmosphere. It was a night where everyone, from the newest hires to the most seasoned Gamers, could relax, connect, and enjoy each others' company.

Fabamaq's Commitment to Its Gamers

At Fabamaq, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. Events like the GAMERFEST promote a supportive and engaging environment where our Gamers can thrive. By organizing events that reflect our personality and values, we are dedicated to providing our team with the best benefits and perks, ensuring that Fabamaq remains a place where everyone feels valued and inspired.

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