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Gamification and the power to unite teams

Applying Employer Branding strategies using games can change the paradigm of many organizations. The game "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" is the perfect challenge to unite any team. In fact, Gamification - a process that uses games to promote employee engagement - has been a focus of people management strategies, both in recruiting and retaining talent. Learn about the advantages of this method in the article below.

Employer Branding and Gamification: the importance of combining them

It's no news that in a business world with millions of possibilities, something that distinguishes organizations is the way the internal audience is encouraged and valued. The question that arises is: what is the best way to attract and retain the best talent?

The truth is that it is not enough to bet on technological innovation if there is not also effort to update people management practices. Upgrading dialogue methods, conflict resolution and employee outreach with collaborative games like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes may be the code for increasing your company's efficiency and productivity.

All About Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

How to involve the company's employees in the game?

Whether you choose to gather employees from different areas or specialized teams to play, the first step is to divide that group into two teams:

- The Defuser -  the person responsible for offering directions to the rest of the group, describing the objects and scenarios you are viewing on the screen and also for handling them to disarm the bomb;

- The Experts - people who will read the Bomb Disarmament Manual to solve the problems that arise, informing the Defuser of the steps to follow in solving these puzzles.

It is important to note that neither the Experts have access to the information that Defuser sees on the screen, nor is Defuser allowed to read the Bomb Disarmament Manual. The trick in this game is therefore to communicate and to do so clearly, quickly and patiently to be able to solve all the obstacles together.


Dangers to watch out for during the game

The goal of the game is to reach the end without any bombs exploding, but this doesn't always happen. To avoid this, players have to work as a team and be very attentive to the inconveniences that arise.

Attention to the modules present in the pumps

Each pump has several "modules", which are independent of each other and can be solved without any specific order. These modules will be described by the Defuser to the Experts, but some cannot be disarmed and need extra attention not to be turned off.

Mistakes and the race against time can lead to defeat

Players have a maximum number of strikes they can perform until the bombs burst. The bursts can be caused by failed attempts during the disarming of some modules. Another challenge arises when we take into consideration that all bombs have a counter, which if it reaches zero, causes them to explode, in other words, game over!

Distractions can be the team's downfall

Other factors to take into consideration to avoid losing the game are the lights in the room that turn off for a moment, an alarm that can disconcert the Defuser, and, of course, the audacity with which the players decipher the dilemmas that arise in each module.

Advantages of implementing the game in any company

OKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes can be very beneficial to strengthen interpersonal relationships in any team, so the participation of the internal audience is essential.

Traditional meetings or brainstormings can be complemented with group dynamics that offer enriching experiences to employees, besides equipping them with relevant techniques to boost their soft and hard skills, such as:

- Empowering the team by assigning and dividing tasks to achieve a common purpose;
- Training the way they express themselves, transmitting greater transparency and clarity to their thoughts;
- Improve the interpretation of data and briefings received, stimulating curiosity and the ability to ask questions and clarify doubts;
- To practice autonomy for the common good, as a way of valuing individual work and professional growth;
- Adjust behaviors and transport them to the work context;
- Learn to deal with pressure and tight deadlines, improving leadership techniques and teamwork.
Companies can only gain with this example of a Gamification application. Fabamaq has already implemented this game in its team dynamics and noticed its positive impact on the closeness and trust established between the Gamers. The game helped them reflect on their own working methods and learn from the experiences of others. 

Looking for a job? Fabamaq is recruiting

With over 240 Gamers on its team, Fabamaq has open positions for several areas of its operation. From mathematics to game development, project management, data science and software development, there are several job openings to explore. Don't miss out on what could be the jackpot of your career!

As the name implies, the key to winning this collaborative game is to talk, talk and talk. Around the table or by video call, employees must communicate to decipher puzzles and prevent one or more bombs from exploding before time runs out.

The team must use technological devices such as a computer, virtual reality headsets or a smartphone to play. It may sound simple, but this game requires a lot of concentration and mutual help. So let's find out how the game was implemented at Fabamaq.

Grab a career jackpot and give your life a spin!

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