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Fabamaq faz refresh de comunicação no digital com conteúdo tech especializado

Fabamaq refreshes with new digital look and tech content to absorb

At Fabamaq, the software-house based in Porto that develops casino games, we made a refresh to our digital presence with specialized tech content and a new look. Recent upgrade comes as a boost to reach more people interested in the tech sector in Portugal.

In the year we celebrate 13 years of existence, at our Portuguese technology company we are once again rolling the dice on an ambitious plan that aims to reach those curious about programming and gaming. A refreshed digital image, in-depth technical insights and new job opportunities for those looking for a career switch are some of the new things to look forward to.

Talking about technology is an emerging trend

The interest in the computer science, data analysis, and creativity areas associated with games has been on the rise, and the demand for a career change to the technology sector reveals the mind-shift that new generations are experiencing in this new wave of employability.

At Fabamaq, we saw here the opportunity to win a Jackpot! and bet on differentiation in our communication by offering privileged information to an increasingly curious and self-taught public.

"With this new communication approach from Fabamaq, we want to be closer to the community, because it is by sharing knowledge and our experience as developers of products for casinos that we can bring more attractiveness to the sectors of gaming, software development and creativity applied to games in the country", explains João Maia, Chief Operating Officer at Fabamaq.

We have been investing in the creation of expert content directed to all those who want to learn more about game developmentdata analysis, cybersecurity, game art and much more - a growing need for which there still seems to be little response in Portugal.

There is a lot to discover at Fabamaq's new hotspot

From specialized technical articles about programming, opinion articles and promotion of internal platforms and in-house created apps, to tips from employees to improve hard-skills in the software area, there is a lot to follow on Fabamaq's digital platforms.

But a game is not only made of bits and lines of code. The aesthetic component of a bingo or a slot is a distinctive factor for any casino product, so our tech company has been fostering discussion around the imaginative potential of game artists, motion designers, sound designers and many other media professionals in the gaming industry.

With multidisciplinary teams where diversity is key, at Fabamaq we are committed to promoting and valuing our talents, bringing to the table all the contributions and know-how needed to stimulate dialogue around the theme of technology in Portugal.

Looking for a tech job? Join Fabamaq now

With over 200 Gamers so far, Fabamaq has several tech jobs in different areas of operation. From mathematics to game development, passing through project management, and software development, there are a lot of job opening to explore. Grab your career jackpot now!

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