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FMQ Graduation: over 80.000€ in training for Gamers

Fabamaq has made available 80.500 euros for our Gamers to invest in professional training, through the Fabamaq Graduation program. The amount offered gives a budget of 350 euros to each of our employees to improve hard-skills and soft-skills relevant to their roles in the company during 2023.

Betting on the internal audience training can also mean betting on the best talents in the city of Porto. With eyes set on the growth of its operation at the Invicta, at Fabamaq we provide once again this benefit destined to the personal and professional development of our Gamers.


Only big wins with the Fabamaq Graduation program

Fabamaq Graduation was created in 2022 with the objective of giving our current employees and potential newcomers a complementary benefit in professional training. Activated at the same time as the company's current annual Training Plan, Fabamaq Graduation gives our Gamers even more freedom when it comes to selecting their learning sessions.

​Remember that Fabamaq's annual Training Plan already includes the distribution of a specific budget per operation team, for their personal and professional development. Through the provision of 80.500 euros, Fabamaq Graduation brings an additional boost of 350 euros per employee to be used throughout 2023. This amount can be channeled to courses, events or initiatives that enable the development of skills useful for the execution of the function that the Gamer performs at Fabamaq.

For João Maia, Chief Operations Officer at Fabamaq, this initiative has relevance for the company’s employees. "This is the second year of Fabamaq Graduation and we feel that this benefit is very relevant to reinforce our culture of valuing people individually. The program complements the annual training plan outlined for our teams and brings each person the opportunity to grow together with the company. This program works as an extra motivation factor and as a tool that also helps in the fulfillment of the career plans outlined by each of our people", says the Fabamaq’s manager.

The Fabamaq Graduation benefit was assigned in January 2023, is available to all current Gamers and will also be available to all new hires that take place during the year 2023.

 Since 2010 rewarding Porto with jackpots

The year 2023 marks Fabamaq's 13th anniversary. While for some this number may be a symbol of bad luck, for others it continues to prove to be a lucky charm in a universe fully dedicated to the area of game development for land-based and online casinos.

With over than 230 Gamers so far, Fabamaq has open positions for several areas of its operation. From mathematics to game development, project management, quality assurance and software development, there are several job openings to explore for those looking to hit the jackpot in their career.

Grab an IT job and give your career a spin!

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