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Renovation at Fabamaq’s Office to Boost Gaming Innovation

The construction buzz at Fabamaq is in full swing as we transform the ground floor of our office space based in Porto. This renovation project is driven by a significant commitment to boosting productivity, enhancing the inviting atmosphere, and promoting brainstorming sessions among our Gamers.

Under the watchful guidance of our Gamer, Rui Moreira, we bid farewell to our Jackpot Great Hall room to create new meeting rooms and a workspace designed to benefit our teams. Learn all about this project below!

Enhancing Productivity Through Renovation

The main goal behind the renovation of our office space was to optimize this vast area with usable and practical spaces for our teams. The redesigned layout aims to provide an environment that accommodates our expanding needs while also fostering a culture of proximity among our Gamers.

Our open and spacious design is strategically crafted to encourage collaboration and efficiency among our departments. With this renovation, we are investing in modern, efficient workspaces equipped with the tools necessary to ensure our Gamers thrive in their roles and create even better casino games.

Technological changes with eyes on the future

In today's rapidly evolving software industry, staying current with technological advancements is paramount. "Our office renovation project showcases our dedication to staying at the forefront of modernity with a multifaceted ground floor where multiple teams can work simultaneously, serving various purposes", explains our Gamer, Rui Moreira, responsible for managing these operations.

This includes the installation of two new meeting rooms – Jackpot and Big Win – and a closed workstation for the People, Interaction and Brand team - Arcade Hub. This update on the floor layout aims to answer our teams’ needs, and provide an IT infrastructure to seamlessly support our operations, with double the number of power units to serve all our Gamers' equipment.

The office space renovation at Fabamaq underscores our commitment to efficiency, technological advancement, and modernity. We are not merely reconfiguring physical spaces; we are cultivating an atmosphere that encourages discussions, innovation, and collaboration.

This project was completed just in time to welcome the much-anticipated Invictvs Game Jam 2023 with a revitalized workspace. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue this journey toward growth and innovation!

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