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Fabamaq’s Gamers donate 4000 euros to charity

Giving back to the community is part of our DNA at Fabamaq and we’re proud to say our Gamers donated a total of 4.000 euros in power ups to solidarity institutions operating in Portugal at the beginning of 2023. Learn more about this social gesture in this article.

2022 was a year full of big wins in different aspects for the company, with several games created, the growth of our Fabamaq family and even some space for heartwarming donations to causes that matter to the people in Porto.

How FMQ’s Gamers stood up for a good cause

Supporting solidarity initiatives has always been on the agenda of Fabamaq’s Gamers. Commitment and Proximity have been key values at our Software House from the get-go and to create a safe space for our people to support causes that deeply matter to them was a no brainer.

Even after the demanding economical setbacks in 2022, our Gamers still decided to spare a total of 4.000 euros from their monthly budgets to donations, that were later distributed equally among eight social solidarity institutions. Ajudaris, Aldeia SOS, Casa, Cruz Vermelha, Liga Nacional contra a Fome, APPACDM, Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Santa Isabel and PirilampoMágico were the institutions benefiting from this gestures.

Every year, our Gamers have the independence to use their accumulated budget of benefits as they wish. These benefits are called Power Ups – in simple terms, one power-up equals one euro which can be used to pay expenses or to allocate a certain amount to support local institutions.

The flexibility and diversity of these Power Ups enable our Gamers the freedom to make their social contributions which can later be converted into monetary transactions. This year, they once again proved they meant business on giving a helping hand.

According to João Maia, Chief Operations Officer at Fabamaq, this will to help others greatly expresses the culture lived inside and out the company:

We couldn’t be prouder of our Gamers for taking the effort to serve good to families who need the most. The selflessness and caring are key pieces of our dynamic and we are thrilled we were able to make a positive impact in the lives of dozens of People in Porto”.

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