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Unwrapping the best moments at Fabamaq's Christmas Party

Fabamaq hosted its annual Christmas Party at Quinta da Mota, last December 15th. From Secret Santa present swaps to endless moments of fun, our software-house Gamers have made this event one to remember.

There's no time like Christmas time and at Fabamaq's festive party, every bit counts. Unwrap the event's best moments with us in this blog article!

A Christmas party with a Gamer groove 

Apart from Fabamaq's anniversary celebration party, the Invictvs Game Jam and other important moments of Proximity, the Christmas Party is definitely a Gamer's favorite. Check out how it all went down!

Holiday season traditions were a must-have

As tradition suggests, the festive mood was on full swing in this year's Christmas Party. Gamers gathered up at Quinta da Mota, located in Maia, and shared memories for life.

A welcoming reception was held with snacks and a Christmas concert held by Fabamaq's Band, followed by a Christmas Sweater competition, a tasty feast and a whole lot of toasts.

Lastly, as Christmas embodies the act of giving, a Secret Santa swap was held by our Gamers where endless surprises and warmth was felt throughout the room.

A Christmas Speech with a shared mission 

Before the much-anticipated Christmas dinner, Fabamaq's Chief Operations Officer, João Maia, made a thoughtful speech acknowledging the hard work and contributions of our Gamers. In this conversation, company’s global achievements of 2023 were highlighted, as well as exciting changes and challenges in the near future were disclosed.

This was the perfect moment to share insights with our internal audience about the company's mission and steps for 2024, regarding expansion plans, technological advancements, or strategic objectives to achieve our goals.

As we embark on a new year ahead, Fabamaq holds on to its usual spirit of closeness and unity, inspired by the shared moments of celebration and fueled by the determination to achieve even greater milestones. Let's do this, Gamers!

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