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Invictvs Game Jam 2023: a gaming marathon to remember

From November 24th to 26th, Fabamaq hosted the infamous Invictvs Game Jam 2023. In a weekend to remember, Gamers gathered up to create the best games under the Number 13 theme, competing for a chance at the podium. Keep reading to learn more about the event.

This is the third time our software house based in Porto has handled this gaming event, but this year's edition beat all odds with an electrifying gaming atmosphere, imaginative games and a handful of engaging activities. Let's discover it all below!

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is essentially a gaming marathon where participants create original games and compete for a chance to win prizes.

Game developers plan, come up with the conceptualization and create the game in a short period of time, ranging from 24 to 72 hours non-stop. They compete in teams of programmers, game artists, animators and sound designers.

All about Invictvs Game Jam

As part of Porto's technological hub and home for the creation of innovative casino games, Fabamaq has always shared a passion for the world of game development.

Our close connection with the gaming and tech communities was the extra punch we needed to create, in 2017, our very own gaming competition - the Invictvs Game Jam.

Gaming Marathon at Fabamaq

Since its creation, the event has registered significant growth in popularity and this year Fabamaq decided to take the competition to a whole different level with a challenging theme, dynamic initiatives and moments of fun.

Learn more about the Invictvs Game Jam theme

Every year, Invictvs Game Jam participants get to know the theme on the first day of the event with a surprise topic. In order to create a connection between the host and the event itself, the event jury chose the Number 13 theme as it is the company's 13th Anniversary.

Invictvs Game Jam Gaming Marathon Theme
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"This year, we wanted to present our contestants with something different. And to do so, we challenged them to create a game for a casino machine/cabinet. It was a great - and probably unique - opportunity for the participants to have the chance of making a game for a real casino machine, and also for us to see different types of games being played on those machines. For the theme, we chose the number 13. It's a reference to luck (or the lack of it) something that's part of the gambling world. It opened the door to very creative and fun games from all the participants", shares João Maia, Chief Operations Officer at Fabamaq.

13 years, 13 teams at this Invictvs Game Jam 

In a symbolic alignment with the company's 13-year milestone, the event hosted 13 dynamic teams, each fueled by the excitement of crafting something extraordinary within the tight 48-hour timeframe. The numerical symmetry was no coincidence – over 70 participants, 13 teams, and 13 games produced, merging creativity and collaboration.

Game Developer Design Game Art Animation Coding

The energetic pulse of the event wasn’t just confined to the digital realm. Participants were wide awake with Red Bull, coffee, and hours of sleep falling below recommended levels, emphasizing the big commitment to the gaming spirit.

Meet the Invictvs Game Jam warriors

This year's edition of the Invictvs Game Jam showcased the diverse talents and boundless creativity of the participating teams. Silêncio Bruno!’s "Tongue Fury" clinched the top spot, a fair recognition to their innovative approach and dedication. "Lucky Lapin" by Club Penguin secured the second position, followed by "13 Punch Man" by Croccantini in third place. A special mention was reserved for Team Favela Discos, whose game captivated participants, staff, and jurors alike with its addicting concept and development.

Gaming Marathon Winners Game Jam

Engaging Activities for the Gamers

Beyond the coding and game development frenzy, Invictvs Game Jam unfolded as a holistic experience. The inclusion of Mind & Body activities provided relaxing moments, allowing participants to recalibrate their focus and recharge their creative energies.

Ming & Body Relaxing Fitness Class at Software House of Casino Games

The Roundtable session, led by industry experts André Costa, José Neves, António Lopes, and Levi Figueira, delved into the intriguing role of Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Universe, offering participants valuable insights and igniting thoughtful discussions.

Roundtable about the Role of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Game Development

Another event highlight was the Nerf War, a dynamic and adrenaline-pumping activity that brought the gaming community together in an immersive and playful way. Clashing foam darts and laughter echoed through Fabamaq's offices, creating memorable moments that extended beyond the lines of code.

NErf War Gaming Marathon

Discover our gaming partners

​Collaboration and support form the backbone of any successful venture, and Invictvs Game Jam was no exception. Red Bull, Alfa Giga, Porto Tech Hub, and Gostos d'Arrábida emerged as the event's powerhouse partners, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere and ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

Redbull Game Developers na Maratona de Jogos

Fabamaq is already gearing up for the next edition. We'll be back next year, and it's going to be bigger, better, and more challenging than ever. Stay tuned as the gaming adventure continues, Gamers!

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