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13 Lucky Years: the unwrap of a birthday celebration at Fabamaq

When it comes to celebrating milestones and fostering a strong sense of unity, few events rival the annual birthday party of a close-knit software house. This year, at Fabamaq we pulled out all the stops to commemorate our remarkable 13-year journey, marked by exceptional achievements and the presence of our families last May 27th.

Under the theme "13 Lucky Years - Hitting the Jackpot Every Day" our birthday party got everyone together plus their families to showcase the company's expansion and to celebrate the strong bonds shared by our talented Gamers. Let's take a closer look at this unforgettable day of fun and togetherness.

Setting the Stage for a very lucky Anniversary

Fabamaq’s office, with all its vibrant colors and engaging atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for the company's birthday celebration last May 27th. The sparkling sun, the familiar decoration, and the infectious buzz in the air created an ambiance of excitement and anticipation.

Embracing Proximity

At Fabamaq, we take pride in our close-knit Gamer community, where collaboration, solidarity, and genuine friendships flourish. To highlight the importance of proximity within the company, our People team arranged immersive activities that dazzled everyone regardless of their age.

Celebration means games - a proximity portrait from Fabamaq.

From foosball games to a special daily dose of catching up, every aspect of the party was carefully curated to bring colleagues closer together. These activities provided a chance for everyone to bond outside of the traditional office environment, developing a sense of unity that is at the core of Fabamaq’s culture.

Recognizing Achievements

The annual party was not only an opportunity for Fabamaq to celebrate its collective accomplishments but also to recognize the exceptional evolution of the company, reinforcing the notion that our Gamers’ unique skills contribute to the company's success over these 13 years.

The birthday cake - a sweet to recognize the exceptional evolution of Fabamaq.

Winning with Fun and Entertainment

No annual party is complete without a range of exciting entertainment options, and Fabamaq's celebration delivered on all fronts. Guests were treated to engaging conversations, babysitters for the younger Gamers and contagious live performances by Fabamaq’s Band, adding an extra layer of Gamer energy to the event.

Winning with Fun and Entertainment - contagious live performances by Fabamaq Band energy to the event.

Delicious food and drinks were also present in abundance, ensuring that everyone's taste buds were satisfied and spirits remained high throughout the day.

To add an extra touch of amusement, a Mikado game was offered to each family, carefully selected to create moments of shared laughter and friendly competition. This token served as a reminder of the importance of quality time spent together, away from screens and distractions, while engaging in playful interactions and creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime.

Always Looking Ahead

As the day drew to a close, it became evident that Fabamaq's annual party had not only solidified existing relationships but also nurtured new connections and inspired a sense of anticipation for the future.

The event successfully highlighted the company's journey of 13 lucky years, where hitting the jackpot every day meant embracing challenges, learning from each other, and striving for excellence – without ever losing the identity that makes us thrive in a successful journey of over a decade.

As Fabamaq looks forward to many more successful years, this celebration served as a reminder that the secret to our accomplishments lies within the tireless commitment, sharing, audacity, adaptability, proximity and solidarity all our teams and departments emanate.

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