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CIMMERIAN: A Closer Look at the Latest Innovation at Fabamaq

It is with great enthusiasm that we officially explore, in greater detail, the launch of CIMMERIAN - a technological innovation developed entirely in-house and driven by our Gamer Marco Pinto.

CIMMERIAN was created to boost the productivity and efficiency of our Game Dev teams by providing a comprehensive solution for managing different modules and automatically compiling our projects. Learn all about it in this news article!

Motivations behind CIMMERIAN

The motivation for the emergence of CIMMERIAN was the need to bring together, in a single space, the various modules developed by different teams. From the game engine to the network interface and communication with the machine, it was essential to efficiently manage the different versions of these modules.

Furthermore, the goal was to simplify updates for any desired version and facilitate automatic compilation when modifying variables. With this need in mind, CIMMERIAN was born.

What changes with this innovative implementation?

While programs of this kind are already found in large technology companies like Google, the implementation of CIMMERIAN at Fabamaq was essential for us to remain competitive, innovative, and optimize our resources, providing greater flexibility in our work processes.

With this implementation...

  1. We leave behind an old version where dependency management was done manually.
  2. We evolve into a modular project that has become a compilation tool.
  3. We can develop our own extensions.
  4. We create a framework to integrate different components, performing the necessary functions to meet our needs.

Previously, we had an archaic version where all of this was done manually, specifically dependency management. But it evolved because the project was becoming modular enough for us to turn it into a kind of build tooling, essentially allowing us to develop our own extensions and form a "shell" to host various components, and depending on the needs we have, execute functionalities for everything we wanted.

With this innovation, we have consolidated various features into a single main application, allowing us to compile projects, check graphical versions, and run the program in Docker.

Feedback regarding the program

CIMMERIAN is already being adopted by all teams in the company and has become a universal tool for the development of our projects. Feedback about this project has been extremely positive.

Our Gamers have been pleased with the improvements made, as we have managed to minimize concerns related to asset management, creating a layer of abstraction between the developer and the project, and optimizing work processes.

Some interesting facts you should know

It is important to highlight that the idea of creating a build tool for all internal Fabamaq projects, initially focused on Game Dev, has evolved to serve all Development departments.

Furthermore, the name CIMMERIAN emerged as a way to overcome the limitations of the Conan tool, which only managed final versions of projects. Inspired by the nationality of Conan the Barbarian (who was a Cimmerian), the name CIMMERIAN was chosen to represent the evolution and overcoming of these obstacles.

We invite you to explore this powerful tool that has brought a boost to our productivity, promoting collaboration between teams and strengthening our position as leaders in the innovation of the casino gaming industry.

Congratulations to all the Gamers for their continued dedication and effort in making Fabamaq a technology reference in Portugal. With CIMMERIAN, we open a new chapter of success in our journey.

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