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Fabamaq invests over 100.000€ in Graduation perks for its Gamers in 2024

Recognizing the dynamic and competitive nature of the technology industry, Fabamaq is investing over 100.000€ in graduation perks for its Gamers throughout the year 2024. This significant budget aims to provide learning incentives, create opportunities for career advancement, and facilitate the development of both soft and hard skills.

Fabamaq bets on career development as a top priority for the year

In this era of technological evolution, Fabamaq stands firm in its commitment to offer graduation perks for its Gamers with an investment of over 100 thousand euros for 2024.

This initiative proves once again our dedication to encouraging continuous learning, supporting career advancement and improving the skills that define our success in the tech landscape. Discover all about the FMQ Graduation program below:

What is included in FMQ Graduation

At the heart of FMQ Graduation is the commitment to offering comprehensive resources for individual and team growth. This career development program is divided into two different spheres:

  • An Individual Budget, where each Gamer is responsible for proposing e-learning opportunities according to his/her aspirations;
  • A Team Budget, where the Team Leader of each department proposes learning opportunities and courses for each team member, according to their job role, employee profile or career path.

The individual budget is dedicated to various learning opportunities, including digital courses, workshops, certificate programs, training sessions and access to technical books and assets.

Additionally, the team budget, designed to further enhance collaborative learning experiences, can encompass a wide range of fields such as programming, data science, game art, marketing, project and product management, leadership and more.

Other knowledge-sharing opportunities Fabamaq promotes

Beyond formal learning, Fabamaq fosters a culture of knowledge-sharing within its community of Gamers. Our internal Talent Development sessions, held by the People Department, range from leadership, coaching and language classes, providing valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

Last year's Leadership Program debut, divided into multiple sessions where insightful debates with invited participants with extensive professional experience and know-how took place, got positive feedback from our Gamers, as it fueled employees in leadership roles with skills to manage people and their teams more efficiently.

Complementing this, Knowledge Sharings involve technical presentations and sessions where our Gamers share insights into specific topics, areas or projects of interest to the company and the technological sector at large.

Why invest in Gamers' development?

As the technology sector becomes increasingly competitive, Fabamaq recognizes that staying ahead requires not only recruiting the best talent but also nurturing and developing those human resources over time.

The investment in graduation perks is a strategic move to ensure that our Gamers have the skills, knowledge and tools they need to thrive in their roles and contribute to Fabamaq's jackpots.

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