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Sports on fire at Fabamaq during September

For many, September means re-starting. But for Fabamaq, it meant moving. In a month filled with indoor and outdoor exercising activities, our Gamers held on tight to sports’ good vibes. Learn all about it in this article!

FMQ’s Gamers said goodbye to summer with the right uplifting spirit. Encouraging physical activities is nothing new for Fabamaq, since at the company we own a lot of sports groups such as the football, volleyball, running and Sanda Box teams, which bring joy and excitement to our internal audience. Discover all the initiatives prepared for this month!

Moving September at Fabamaq

In September, we wanted to surprise our internal audiences with sporty sessions that were stimulating at the office, that allowed physical and mental well being. The People, Interaction & Brand team was responsible for organising the initiatives that were very well received.


3x3 Basketball Tournament for fierce competitors

Carefully thought for those who appreciate both sports and competing, we held our first 3x3 Basketball Tournament. The event took place at the CDUP – Centro de Desporto da Universidade Porto, from September 21st to 22nd. Our Gamers dribbled in teams of 4 elements with eyes well laid on the prize, where there were triples and doubles for everyone to enjoy.

Group classes to fight stress

With the aim of offering moments of relaxation and improved concentration, sadness and stress relief in the workplace, at Fabamaq we hosted a series of group classes in partnership with the Fitness Up gym, which took place at the company's Sunlovers Rooftop.


The line-up of group sessions began with a YOGA Class, in which participants felt the true connection between body and mind under the guidance of an expert instructor, who demonstrated various stretching techniques, breath control and meditation.

The second activity consisted of a Pilates Class, which allowed our Gamers to improve body awareness, re-educate movement and improve muscular and mental balance.

From balance to Pilates, the program moved on to a Body Attack Class. This high-intensity workout pushed our Gamers to their limits, combining aerobic and athletic movements with strength, endurance and stability exercises.

Later, the Body Combat Class combined several martial arts exercises, in a training that helped those who participated in improving motor coordination. The session also facilitated the learning of self-defense techniques.

Finally, there was space for a Crosstraining Class. This training combined functional movements, gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic exercises with high intensity, promoting an increase in strength and muscle mass, as well as a reduction in the participants' fat mass.

Fabamaq continues to focus on the well-being of its gamers


It is common knowledge that physical activity can help combat negative emotions and feelings in the workplace, such as lack of motivation, tiredness or lack of creativity. By stimulating the brain and body with the production of endorphins (the hormone that produces feelings of reward, happiness and well-being), exercise proves to be an essential element in anyone's routine.

Furthermore, training together can help unlock relationships and foster connections between co-workers, teams and different departments, as by integrating people into the same group, we are closer to creating relationships of complicity, support and mutual trust.

At Fabamaq, we take the practice of physical exercise seriously with a commitment to our sports communities. Between implementing proposals and suggestions from our Gamers in this area, formulating partnerships with gyms or food chains that promote a healthy lifestyle and the inclusion of sports-related benefits in Coverflex's offer package, we seek to encourage a style of active life of our Gamers. Moreover, this effort contributed to the 1st place achieved in the “Healthy Workplaces” - a competition promoted by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists.

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