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How was interning at Fabamaq?

The story of Inês Ferreira's internship at Fabamaq is a sort of Mexican soap opera lived within a technology company with that happy ending we all hope for in such productions. The passion for games, the search for an internship, technology, Covid-19, and change are some of the ingredients that fuelled this plot of a positive professional experience at Fabamaq.

It was the beginning of 2020, and Inês, a final year student in Information Technology, Web, and Multimedia at ISMAIIPMAIA​, began looking at her possibilities for gaining work experience. After talking to one of our Gamers, the pitch captivated her, and the course was set: Fabamaq would be the choice. Initially, Inês's integration was planned for one team, but the internal reorganization of Fabamaq's teams led to an adaptation of the plan. Nothing compromised or prevented Inês from being supported in developing an application for one of the company's internal portals.

Let's understand this story better with Inês's testimony in the first person:

“The situation with Covid and working from home, without close contact with people, was a huge challenge, and I would have liked to have had the opportunity to spend more time with people within Fabamaq. I feel that the team change was another challenge. In the Business Solutions team [the team that Inês was initially going to join], there were people who had worked with the technologies I used, and I had received more personalized support to do something more. However, in the People, Interaction & Brand team, they always managed to help me solve problems.

I really liked the company, the work philosophy, and the closeness among people. It's something very good for newcomers and makes integration easy. The proximity and the fact that there is not excessive pressure on people are something I highly value. Regarding my performance, I learned something new and useful in the market. It was an extremely positive experience. I can only say it was the best internship I've ever had. I've done internships in very chaotic companies and others in big companies. At Fabamaq, everything was very positive. I wasn't used to this kind of welcome. We had setbacks, of course. It was a sudden change from Covid to the team change, but it wasn't serious.

At the end of the day, I managed to get the application working, and despite people not working with the technology I worked with, Marcelina and Patrícia always managed to help and were extraordinary! Fabamaq has very good professionals dedicated to the company, and the atmosphere is excellent. It's a relaxed and trusting environment. I really enjoyed it, and I hope to find a company like this to work for in the future."


At Fabamaq, internship opportunities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and there are two mandatory factors in their consideration. The first is the existence of a clear project with value for the person interning and for Fabamaq. The second is the unequivocal guarantee that the team that will welcome the new Gamer will have the availability to provide adequate support throughout the entire project.

Once these two premises are met, the doors open for candidates to get to know, in practice, this universe of casino game development. Another important note about internships at Fabamaq is that, regardless of the candidates' educational level, an internship stipend is always provided.

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