“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy”.

We are Fabamaq, a tech company based in Porto that started its journey in 2010 and evolved from a startup with 9 creative minds to a company with more than 170 Gamers. We develop software for casino games and by that, we mean the entire game pack: software development, sound, graphics, maths, hardware and more!

We build games to be played in the machines that you see in the real casinos and also for the digital environment. For this last segment, we recently created FMQ Digital  – a brand of Fabamaq exclusively dedicated to the development of games for the online gaming market. Our clients have operations in North America, Asia and Europe and all we can promise is that our growth won´t stop soon.

We believe that our culture makes us unique.
Why? See below!
We value

Knowledge Sharing
Every Wednesday afternoon we have a Knowledge Sharing session. Bring a theme, and share it with others! From Software Architecture best practices to Self Defense (isn't this great?!).

Experienced Gamers guide newcomers through their first year. Everyone finds is own way, we just provide the light.

Soft Skills
Everyone is pushed to another level. We always adjust our strategies to promote the right environment. We make sure everyone has tools to craft diamonds.

We Provide
Food for Gamers
Healthy diet for healthy brains. Gamers at FMQ always have at their own disposal healthy snacks, fruit and water.
Free Coffee
We like our gamers to do their best, and an extra help is always welcome. That's why we provide them this spectacular and beloved co-worker named coffee.
Team Building
As we are over one hundred Gamers, it is very important to create and maintain strong bonds. Team building activities improve the FMQ fellowship.
Talent Development
We develop Gamers’ skills to the gaming industry. Everyone needs to urge their strengths and learn how to extract benefits from their weaknesses.
Health Insurance
The mind and body are not separate, we all know it, and that's why we assure our gamer's health with an insurance.
Power Ups
We know that it's not only about professional career, so we give our gamers the opportunity to invest on their personal life, because they deserve the best.
Career Evolution
We want our gamers to be the very best, so we can guarantee their happiness. Everyone likes to evolve right? Here, everyone has the chance to do it!

We love

For the fun of it, we have a volleyball match weekly. You're welcome to join in, even if you are not one of us! If summer is coming, meet us at the beach!

As a Portuguese company, football is a must. Playing weekly improves our relations and take us one step closer to be an unbeatable team. That is our ultimate goal.