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Cybersecurity: a necessary reality in an increasingly digital world

In today's world, where technology is present in practically every aspect of our lives, information security is a constant concern. Our Gamer João Lousada shares with us today his perspective on the challenges encountered in the world of cybersecurity, making us aware of how they could impact our surroundings.

We are moving towards a world increasingly immersed in technology. In this sense, protecting the computer systems we use from theft or damage to hardware, software or digital data is increasingly important to protect personal information and the relevant data of the companies we work for.

Cybersecurity: a constant necessity in today's world

As we use more and more devices and applications to carry out our daily tasks, there are also new challenges associated with them in terms of cybersecurity. Among these obstacles, we highlight two issues that often go unnoticed, but which are an essential vector in the context of cyber-attacks, such as:

  • Temporary undeleted files and unused files;
  • Application updates.

Let's explore in more detail what these topics are about and how we can prevent inconvenient situations from happening in the future.

Undeleted temporary files and unused files can be a threat

The temporary files are usually generated by applications to store temporary information during the processing stage of a particular task. However, most of the time, these files are not deleted properly after use, which can pose a significant risk to information security, as they may contain sensitive data such as:

  • Login information;
  • Web browsing history;
  • Financial transaction details;
  • and much more.

The accumulation of useless files, such as program caches and log files, can create potential security vulnerabilities for the organization. Each stored file represents a potential attack vector for cybercriminals, who can exploit this information to carry out attacks with real effects.

Just like we do at our homes, it's important to keep our digital life tidy and free of stray junk. To this end, it is recommended that the user constantly organizes all the files and documents on their computer to protect both individual and collective data privacy.

IT Technician Expert with cibersecurity measures to improve software and hardware safety against malware
Using prevention measures into practice while using hardware and software can help prevent cyber attacks that impact not only the user but also the whole organisation.

Regular application updates are a preventative measure against malware

Regularly updating applications and operating systems is one of the most effective measures to ensure better protection against cyber threats. Updates include security fixes for known vulnerabilities and have an essential role in maintaining system integrity.

However, many users overlook this fundamental aspect of cybersecurity and, consequently, leave their devices vulnerable to potential attacks. It is therefore extremely important to keep an eye out for pending notifications and act promptly to install the security updates that come our way.

By taking a more proactive approach to mitigating these risks, we can more effectively protect our devices and data from potential cyber threats.

Article written by João Lousada, Senior Core Infrastructure Engineer in Fabamaq's Web Gaming team.

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