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3 Talent Development Stories at Fabamaq

The best way to retain talent is to help it grow with us, and that's the mission of Talent Development at Fabamaq. Part of the company's Employee Value Proposition, this program aims to assist our Gamers in developing relevant skills that can help them progress as individuals and professionals.

In the universe of casino game development where Fabamaq operates, Talent Development has already helped different individuals achieve their goals and address knowledge gaps. The program is guided by a member of the People, Interaction & Brand team but may involve experiences and interactions with other professionals inside or outside the company. How? We spoke with 3 Gamers who have either completed or are still undergoing the program to understand its impact:

Ana Mota, Product Manager at Fabamaq for 2 years

"I started the program in February while still at Fabamaq, and now I continue it remotely. When my team leader presented me with the opportunity to participate in Talent Development, I didn't have any clear objectives or expectations about what I would find, but after the first session, in a spirit of discovery, I was pleasantly surprised by the path presented to me.

I immediately felt that I would have the opportunity to grow in areas where I didn't feel very comfortable. After doing the DISC to align our working methods, we worked on some frameworks, but I feel that what helps me the most are the role plays. We've been doing this exercise once every two weeks, and by working on some practical and real situations, I feel that the program has helped me improve.

Fabamaq's Talent Development program didn't change my view of the importance of training or continuous learning, but the truth is that I didn't know exactly how to address some issues I had identified. And that's where the program surprised me as an opportunity or a path to reflect on my reaction to practical day-to-day situations and progress as a professional."


Filipe Marques, 3D Artist at Fabamaq for 5 years

"Entering the program was my decision, and I had a clear goal: to try to advance in my career. That's why I decided to try Talent Development at Fabamaq and understand what was possible in terms of personal development to achieve that change.
I started in August last year, and what I have been doing has helped me. I have already had the opportunity to do some activities, and the ones I liked the most were attending the Porto Tech Hub conference to represent Fabamaq and shadowing the Project Management team.
Attending the Porto Tech Hub conference was good because I had never had that opportunity before, and it's interesting to put ourselves in the position of 'trying to sell' the company to potential candidates. The Shadowing was a very good experience. Spending a week with the projects team helped me understand how they work. I felt good in the team environment and could understand the difficulties they face. I think this is also a plus in the company. I now hope to do the same with the Product Management team while still in the program.

I have enjoyed the experience as a whole because I think it allows me to step out of my comfort zone a bit. It is also good to have an external person in the program to guide and orient us and understand how we can improve. I think it is important, therefore, for Fabamaq to have this program."


Carol Perina, Delivery Manager na Fabamaq for 2 years

"For me, Talent Development came as a suggestion. When I was asked about areas for improvement for the team and personally, I identified my ability to speak in public as a gap. So, my team leader told me about the program, and Talent Development started for me.

It was six months of a lot of learning with various theoretical and practical sessions and many challenges. At first, I felt shyer about communicating in public or to audiences with many people, but now I feel more comfortable.

The sessions were important to understand some causes of my nervousness or shyness, as well as attending a ScaleUp Porto masterclass as part of the program. The actress who led that session allowed me to understand various aspects related to body and emotions, and that helped me evolve.
Along with learning, I also started presenting the company at visits from students or events hosted by communities related to Fabamaq in the office. There I was able to put into practice what I learned. Among these occasions, I highlight a visit from the NEGCM students of FEUP - Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Portoto the company, which allowed me to talk about what I do on a daily basis and engage in a dynamic with the students.

I had already obtained the Scrum Master certificate in the company, but I think Talent Development at Fabamaq is important because it is an internal program with low cost but high added value, which gives back a lot to the company by empowering people for better performance and even for the good promotion of the organization in cases like mine. Plus, it takes place during working hours, which in my case, being pregnant, made learning more comfortable and possible until my leave."


The Talent Development program is one of Fabamaq's bets to develop talent internally and help its Gamers in personal and career progression. With direct and indirect effects on casino game development, the program has already intervened in different profiles and areas of the company. To learn more about Fabamaq's culture, click here.

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