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We want you for the FMQ Nerf War!

It could very well be the recruitment announcement for the Portuguese Army, but it was just the title we came up with to illustrate a unique initiative that we thoroughly enjoyed organizing at Fabamaq!

The clock struck just after 6:00 PM on December 17th, and the Gamers left the development of casino games behind, beginning the rush for weapons. A few minutes later, the first shots were heard on the -2 floor of our garage!

Resulting from the suggestion and collaboration of several Gamers, the Nerf War is a dream of several years that has now seen the "light of day" or (truth be told) the light of the garage. From idea to concept, several planning stages were involved in this initiative, such as building the map, collecting, and distributing ammunition, and defining the rules of the game.

Properly equipped and familiarized with the obstacle map, the soldiers listened to the referee's instructions and then kicked off with the first of several rounds of the Nerf War FMQ, also known as the "-2 War." The objective was clear: to reduce the number of active members of the opposing team and reach the enemy base.

In the end, we spoke with João Nogueira, a Software Engineer who participated in the Nerf War, to get his opinion:

"We work together daily, so it makes sense to create relationships beyond work and have moments to have fun with each other. It was very funny to see how an idea turned into a big Nerf war. It was a great game, not only because of the players but also because it was thought out and implemented by us and for us."

With no casualties reported in the final assessment, the Nerf War FMQ brought a different evening of strategy and teamwork to our Gamers. After the battle on the ground, the participants gathered for the traditional "combat ration" with a pizza gathering in our eating area!

Grab a career jackpot and give your life a spin!

Ready to join the game?