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Godot novo motor de jogo de casino online

We are turning on a new game engine for online casino games!

The search for innovation and better products is a daily concern at Fabamaq, and this story proves it. While we were planning the online casino games of the future, we thought: what if we could go further and create lighter, faster and more pleasant games? This is how Godot appeared in our lives!

One of the things that make us proud as a software house operating in such a competitive industry is the use of a game engine crafted by ourselves in the casino games we create. However, our roadmap for the development of the online casino games of the future has demanding ambitions from the tech side, and that’s how we got into a dilemma. Do we keep developing our “baby” with all the difficulties that this option involves? Or do we consider new options to execute what we projected for the next years?

These questions lead us to the search for a new game engine. After a few tests in our Research & Development team, the verdict came: Godot is the best solution for what we want to achieve. Why? There are four reasons supporting this affirmation:

  1. This reason includes three because Godot is a modern and open-source tool that presents several similarities to the references of the market nowadays.

  2. Godot will allow performance improvement in the games, making them faster and lighter.

  3. Godot facilitates collaborative work between developers, designers and sound designers in a shared environment, making the development process easier and more pleasant.

  4. By facilitating and accelerating the production of the games, Godot will allow a bigger focus on improving players’ gaming experience.


With big changes come big responsibilities

After sharing the reasons behind this change, there is another fundamental question in this process. How will this transition occur? To accomplish this mission, we will need to add the right professionals to our Web Gaming team.

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