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Trip to the Philippines


The upcoming trip to the Philippines arises in the context of developing the new game server. This is a joint development effort between two teams at FMQ, Operating Systems and Gaming Systems, and a team from FBM Brazil.

Therefore, it is in the next few days that our gamers João Dantas (OS), Tito Serra (Project Manager), and Vera Francisco (GS) will fly to the Philippines.

João Dantas told us a little more about this trip and its preparations:

"One of the main objectives of this trip is to obtain feedback from our partner FBM PH. There, in the Philippines, we can access a large array of machines that allows us to have a scenario closer to what an operational context will be like. We can also, locally, act more quickly on various real-life scenarios, improve the behaviour of our system, and bring the acquired knowledge to share in our projects.

The Philippines is a destination that had never presented itself to me until now. The time will be essentially spent in the city of Subic, so I hope it will be an area of great tranquillity, in contrast to the capital Manila.

It will certainly be different to spend my birthday in another part of the world while working. :)

I believe there will be significant cultural and even culinary differences, so it should be an interesting adventure. But that will be a story for another episode, certainly."


João Dantas, Operating Systems.

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