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The Impact of Power-Ups in 2019!

Fabamaq's focus is on developing casino games, but to have good games, it's essential to ensure the motivation and well-being of our people. That was the purpose behind the creation of the Power Ups system in the company. The impact of the program has been growing, and in 2019, we were able to contribute €217,568 to the education, mobility, and savings of our Gamers through Power Ups.

Part of our Employee Value Proposition,Power Ups provide access to different services (gym, education, transportation passes, courses, savings plans, among others) and function as an extra benefit allocated to Gamers every month. The amount each person receives from Fabamaq can be invested in a wide range of entities that have protocols with the company. Let's then understand the impact of the program in 2019 through a segment analysis.


In the field of education, €101,119 were invested in three distinct areas.

- The Education Voucher subsidizes expenses related to educational institutions (public and private) from basic to university level and other educational services, as well as expenses for textbooks, books, and school supplies. It can be used by the employee or their dependents aged between 7 and 25 years.

- The Training Voucher is available in card and voucher format. It is an education/training voucher granted by the company to subsidize education and training expenses of employees and their dependents in various areas, without age or annual value limit.

- The Childhood Voucher can be used in nurseries with children up to six years old and is available in voucher or digital format, with a validity of one year. It is worth noting that more than 35% of Fabamaq's Gamers have young children, so this is a significant advantage.


Regarding mobility, we subsidize monthly Andante or CP passes. In 2018, the amount available reached almost €3,000, and in 2019, it increased to €10,147, representing a growth of over 300%.


The company also provides support through retirement savings plans. In this context, the amount for 2019 amounted to €106,302.

Fabamaq is a technology company based in Porto that was founded in 2010. Fabamaq's core business is the development of casino games, including game design, sound, graphics, animations, mathematics, game engine, cashier systems, among others. With 10 years of experience in the market, Fabamaq has over 170 Gamers and develops games for machines in physical gaming rooms as well as for the online segment.

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