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Team-building Fabamaq? Let´s Rock!

"Rockstar Generation" was the theme of our Team Building. In just one day, divided into three main moments, we celebrated the difference, individuality, and diversity of our culture, reinforced our contribution to the local community, and gave all Gamers the opportunity to be Rockstars for a day.

The Team Building kicked off with a focus on social responsibility. Fabamaq's growth over the past nine years has propelled us from a startup of nine Gamers to a company with over 170 people. In addition to the commitment we have to clients and stakeholders in the market, we now assume a greater responsibility within the community that surrounds us. That's why we opened our doors to the "Yes, we can" movement of the Santa Isabel Recreational Cultural Association.

Six young people came to show us how it was possible to overcome limitations and, with mutual help and collaboration, build the TuttiQuizz app. In addition to the project, we got to know the mission of this movement, which, using only its own funds, provides young people with motor or cognitive difficulties with useful skills for social inclusion. The presentation served as the beginning of a continuous relationship of effective support that Fabamaq now establishes with the association, with a new moment already planned for the Christmas season.

Rhythm, Rehearsal, and Actiooon!
Lunchtime brought a moment of hangout and a break for the second part of the event: the filming of a music video. With a Rock-themed t-shirt worn, the Gamers followed the choreographer in a sequence of shots that extended throughout the afternoon. Meanwhile, the conviviality continued, with traditional games where titles as relevant as "World Champion" were disputed and with a tattoo area with designs alluding to the theme of the day. Meanwhile, on the rooftop, a lounge area was set up with music and a privileged view.

The warm-up was done for the last part of the day. The Gamers headed to the Toda a Prova space, which fully incorporated the rock spirit of the 80s in a special decoration. On stage, the band Cassette opened the proceedings by reinterpreting hits of the time in a true musical throwback that set the ideal atmosphere for the Team Building dinner.

At the table, besides food and conversation, prizes were awarded to the winners of the Rock Quiz we launched to our Gamers. Everything was then ready to remove the tables and create the dance floor that allowed the party and celebration of the Fabamaq spirit to continue into the early hours of the morning and to discover some dance skills normally hidden!


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