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Musical surprise? Yes, it's the Christmas party

Friday, hampers delivered, and the Christmas tree filled with Secret Santa treats. The scene was set for the start of another lively Fabamaq Christmas party, which this year took on a different format. The activities took place online throughout the afternoon, but this adaptation didn't reduce the special atmosphere that hangs over our Gamers on this day, nor did it stop the surprises.


In a year as different as this one, it's good to remember our roots and what's really important at the end of the day. It's good to reflect on our sense of belonging, why we like it here and why we're with these people and not others. The motto of our inaugural challenge was therefore to get each team to build a board that demonstrated what Fabamaq means to them. The end result is worthy of lining the walls of any of the floors in our house, with posters of nostalgic moments and top-notch assemblies!

After the boards were created, the conversation continued to be lively, with chords, DJs, black glue, and lots of hot topics (it's normal that this sentence doesn't make sense to you, dear reader). Everything was therefore in place for the musical surprise of the day.

In their "Cápsula do Tempo", Eduardo Porto, Ivo Pereira, Pedro Anta and Rui Martins made us absorb the moment and travel in four and a half minutes of rap with rhymes and chords designed to make us feel. Curious? The public release date has already been set and the track will be on our digital platforms soon!

The stage was opened and then followed the traditional Christmas concert by the great band of Fabamaq. Newcomers Ana Machado and Diogo Pereira joined with Marco Pinto, Marco Paiva, José Neves and Nuno Costa in a five-minute Christmas medley with various seasonal themes. The result will be published soon and will be available to play in the background of any Christmas dinner.

The afternoon was drawing to a close, but there was still time for a message from our COO, João Maia. Overcoming obstacles, adapting, resilience, the challenge of playing more and better games and team spirit were some of the topics covered in our COO's brief speech. This brought the official Fabamaq Christmas party programme to a close, but the party itself continued for a few more hours in the chat room.

We take the opportunity to wish all gamers a Merry Christmas and to extend the wish to the readers of our blog.


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