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Summer party: Fabamaq's Team-Building

There were big expectations and huge excitement for the always-desired annual team-building of Fabamaq in 2022. In a Summer farewell full of Portuguese typical joy and entertainment, our Gamers smile from ear to ear at a Summer Party. Join the festive spirit and smile with us on this special day!

A Summer Party prepared carefully

The preparations started early for this legendary event. The briefing was clear: get the most smiles from our Gamers during the 2022 team-building. What would be the key of the game to have guaranteed happiness in this event?

All the roads led to Portuguese popular parties, a consensual synonym of joy for the Portuguese people. We didn't leave anything behind in the preparation: theme definition, choice of location for the party, animation, entertainment, catering and even dress-code choice. All followed a plan carefully designed, attending to all details so we could have a good mood at the event.
After choosing a motto for the event that would gather more than 100 people at Quinta de Santo António, we started all the operations to offer what the Gamers expected.

Countdown to the big party

To provide the best festival for our Gamers, with happiness levels at their maximum, we personalized the space with festive decorations, offered customized glasses to each Gamer and installed a stage for a memorable concert.


The day selected for this team-building was a Friday to finish the work week in the best way possible. Our Gamers reserved the morning for the last tasks, and there was time for team lunches and good conversations. At the end of the afternoon, they went to Quinta de Santo António and enjoyed the food and drinks served.

Smiles, a bit of dancing and great dives for the pool

Between jumps for the pool, smiles on the faces and the joy of the festivities, our Summer Party left great memories for our Gamers. The night highlight had the mythical singer José Malhoa as the protagonist. He and his band got the Fabamaq crowd screaming with the best summer hits of their musical repertoire.


There was time for some dance moves while we could hear the famous verses: “Ainda te lembras amor / Como tudo começou? / Se te esqueceste eu não / Nosso primeiro beija beija / Foi atrás da igreja / Num bailarico de verão”. Who could resist to a discography like this?
The party continued during the night with popular music, candies and snacks to comfort the Gamers' appetite and contagious choreographies on the dance floor typical of the Portuguese villages. Ricardo Machado was the DJ in charge of the people's euphoria.
On this gathering marked by selfies, chit-chats, smiles and moments of sharing between our Gamers, we invite you to smile with Fabamaq’s community in this video. And next year there will be more, as we are used to saying in Portugal!

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