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SWitCH () - Porto Tech Hub

SWitCH is the name of a retraining program created to address the shortage of professionals in the Information Technology (IT) field. It's a course organized by Porto Tech Hub, the business association responsible for the event that took place at the end of May at the Porto Customs House, in partnership with ISEP.

What SWitCH does is take graduates from various fields and integrate them into the IT sector through specialized training lasting 9 months (Post-Graduation in Software Development - 60 ECTS), culminating in a paid internship to ensure effective integration into the job market. Thus, a person with a degree in, for example, Archaeology, can acquire the necessary skills to be reintegrated into the IT field in a very short time.

The first phase of applications is currently underway until July 9th, with the second phase taking place from August 14th to September 18th. There are 60 vacancies to be filled in a course with a unique format in Portugal - it combines Project-Based Learning with agile development methodologies (scrum) - and includes professionals from PTH member companies.

To apply, simply visit the website: https://www.portotechhub.com/switch/


Our gamer Luís Conceição participated in this program with the workshop "Full-stack development of a server-based game". Here, he presented the various elements developed by FMQ and how they connect for the user to play. From mathematics, integration with server logic, communication with the client, to graphic and sound design. In the end, there was a demonstration of a small game using the presented technologies, and there were prizes for the winners.

FMQ will be hosting 4 interns from this program, starting in September.


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