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Porto Tech Hub Conference 2017

"The Porto Tech Hub Conference is not the Web Summit, but it's heading in that direction," as observed by Observador in 2016, after the 2nd edition of the event. The number of participants increased to 900, the venue changed to the Porto Customs Building, and the quality of speakers remained high, aiming to "have two types of audience: one more layman and not so technical, and another more geeky, interested in hearing about code and innovation at the security level."

This series of conferences, organized by the Northern companies association Porto Tech Hub, which includes the presence of FMQ, Farfetch, Blip, Critical, among others, brings together the technological and research worlds to discuss the most current topics and exchange impressions on the innovation to come.

From Microsoft to IBM, technological expansion was debated to the point of it having human capacity, authentication across various platforms, as well as the Internet of Things, alongside home automation.

The programming talks were led by Simona Cotin (Cloud Developer Advocate @ Microsoft) and Benjamin Fuentes (Bluemix & Blockchain Advocate @ IBM), which were followed closely by much of the audience.

The event, which took place on September 20th, awaits another edition in 2018 around the same time, and all indications suggest that the venue will remain the same, considering the event's increasing proportions.

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