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Music and unparalleled smiles in the Christmas Party!

On the most awaited day of our Christmas season, there were moments for every taste, and it was with loud and cheerful music that we started and closed Christmas at FMQ. We mixed concerts, social action, an ugly sweater contest, and traditional bingo in the same pot. At the end of the recipe, we obtained unparalleled smiles. So, let's see how our Christmas was in 2019:

How to start Christmas morning? 1,2,3...music!

The morning kicked off with a special concert by the FMQ band at the Recreational and Cultural Association of Santa Isabel. Some young people from the Association joined our band in a musical moment that brightened the morning of Gamers, workers, and young people from the institution. After the first visit of the young people and leaders of the Recreational and Cultural Association of Santa Isabel to our house last October during the last team building, this connection had a new episode.

In addition to the morning concert in Gaia, we added a donation of more than 2000 euros intended to help the Association in its mission to empower and socially integrate young people with motor or cognitive difficulties. Moreover, these contributions can now be made regularly and continuously by all FMQ Gamers who wish to allocate their Power Ups to this social cause.

Next up, Bingo at Quinta de Prata!

After the morning performance, the party moved to Quinta de Prata. It was there that we warmed up with the already traditional FMQ Christmas bingo. In three rounds, our duo of presenters distributed magic beans and raised the room's excitement to then award six juicy prizes (between lines and bingos) and several Christmas messages.

The rhythm was set for the always contested and also creative ugly Christmas sweater contest. From full-body suits to sweaters with sound gadgets, everything was allowed to surprise and try to win the award, and even a dinosaur wanted to compete :) In the end, the applause determined the winners and paved the way for the Christmas feast.

A MTV-level video and dance for all tastes until the dance floor closed

After a full belly, we returned to the world of music, but this time to reveal a surprise. With the musical performance of the FMQ band in the background, we had the opportunity to see firsthand the MTV-level music video we produced through teamwork during the last Team Building. This would be just the first hit performed by our band, which then continued with a repertoire of great hits featuring renowned artists, from Bruno Mars to Marco Paulo.

After the concert and the stroke of midnight, there was no Santa Claus coming down the chimney, but there was a secret Santa gift exchange around the tree. Conditions were thus set for the opening of the dance floor, which would see various styles. Among the various dance floor trends, we must highlight the choreographed, the awkward, but also the creative and the drunk!

And with that, the story of another FMQ Christmas is told: with Family, sharing, dancing, music, many stories to remember, and of course... games :)

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