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Motherhood and the Human Side of Companies

Ana Santos has been a gamer at Fabamaq since 2010 and here she found the environment, the context, the stability, and the conditions that gave her the security to build her family. After two maternity leaves, Ana Santos wanted to share the impact that the retreats associated with the birth of her two daughters had on her personal and professional development. The stage is yours, Ana Santos!

"In my opinion, companies are increasingly understanding motherhood better. I have read shares and articles from many Recruiters and People Managers emphasizing that the HR department has to be more H than R, and I think that is especially important in motherhood.

If from the company's point of view, we see this period as an opportunity for reflection, personal growth, and healthy retreat, the maternity leave brings immense advantages. This is the second leave I have experienced, and this fact made a lot of difference because the serenity is totally different and allows us to think beyond it.

In the role I perform at Fabamaq, motherhood not only allowed me to grow in terms of knowledge, as it is a period that, when stable, allows us to read a lot, but I also learned to see the teams grow. Teams become autonomous, face challenges, take risks, and discover themselves. People reveal themselves capable of solving other types of situations.

This period also allows us to understand where we really make a difference in the support we provide as managers. We understand more clearly what we should offer and what gaps need to be filled in the company so that it becomes increasingly productive.

Maternity leave is a period during which those who stay know that we will return, a fact that also allows for reflection by those who are in the company. In this way, when we return, those who stay will request us for the topics that really matter and where our contribution will bring them value from both an individual and corporate perspective.

In summary, I am immensely grateful for the way everyone without exception welcomed me back to Fabamaq. I hope that this motivation spreads throughout the company and the group so that we can increasingly be better and achieve the results that are expected of us.”

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