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Aniversário corporativo vouchers aos colaboradores

Let's get into the highlights of the 11th anniversary?

The birthday is ours, but the gift is yours! This is what Fabamaq said to each one of its Gamers at the 11th-anniversary celebration, by awarding a €170 voucher that can be used as early as the beginning of March. However, the celebrations did not stop there. Curious? Let's get to it!

Before we talk more about the day, let's go into a bit of home history. Our path in the global market started in February 2010 and since then we have been growing, developing software and solutions for land-based and online casinos. In this path, we started by creating only video bingos. Later, we started with the production of slot games and table games, conquering space in different markets in Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as a place in Deloitte's "Technology Fast 500" ranking. 

More than a decade of history has already been written in Fabamaq's book, with many others within this one! We are not the same startup born in 2010, but the values, the purpose and the path we want to follow are very clear. That's why, in celebration of these 11 years, we decided to present a new Mission, a new Vision, and a handful of Values that represent what it means to be a Gamer!

 A voucher to use and a souvenir to keep!

Next month will kick off with a treat for each employee in the form of 170 Power-Ups.  In practice, our Gamers will be able to invest the value of this voucher in the different services agreed upon with Fabamaq, among which include gym, education, courses, savings plans, and contributions to institutions with a social mission, or psychology consultations, for example.

With this, we want to value even more the Fabamaq team, because we know that collective growth is only possible when we have with us qualified people motivated by the human and financial conditions that we provide to them. This is what we try to stimulate with this voucher, in a social context where examples that can provide stable and challenging career options to people are increasingly necessary.

But that's not all. Taking advantage of the renewal of our vision, mission, and the reaffirmation of the values of our culture, we decided to mark the date with a memorable souvenir. That's how we came up with a beautiful message for our Gamers to enjoy and later keep in their bottles or on the shelves in the offices that so well decorate the online meetings.


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