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Knowledge Sharing - Gamers Defense

The "Gamer Defense" KS that took place on August 23 aimed to demonstrate basic self-defence movements for specific situations. It consisted of small group exercises in which the dynamics of the human body were demonstrated in the face of potential threats that could normally intimidate us, emphasizing the importance of acquiring defence skills and knowledge to have natural safeguarding tools.

The group dynamics proved to be very practical, with exercises in escape, release, and immobilization, simulated in a supervised environment with role rotation for understanding, fostering an excellent atmosphere.

José Neves, a gamer from the FMQ Design team, is passionate about martial arts. Within the field, he stands out with his 1st Dan degree awarded by the WKF (World Karate Federation) and the Gold Medal in forms and Bronze in Point Kempo at the "Kempo Sport Cup" in June 2017 (National).

He also has 4 years of experience practicing Capoeira and medals in various competitions in forms and combat disciplines.

Currently, he practices Kung-Fu and Sanda under the guidance of Master Nuno Terróia at the Força dos Sentidos school and is a Federated Athlete by the "Lohan Tao Federation of Chinese Martial Arts".


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