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Knowledge Sharing - Finances

In the last knowledge sharing session, a topic of interest to the majority of FMQ gamers was addressed. In total, there were 5 sessions in which Tiago Moura demystified various fiscal concepts for us. IRS? Withholdings? Tax brackets? These and other topics were approached in a direct and structured manner.

The KS began with the analysis of a payslip. Through the use of the tax authority portal, we gained a better understanding of how deductions, fringe benefits, and general tax rates work. Tiago brought us practical cases for analysis, and the resolution of simple exercises facilitated the understanding of the concepts.

But it wasn't just about looking from the employee's perspective: we also looked at the side of companies and the financial issues they face daily. It was very interesting to understand how certain management decisions can be influenced by fiscal issues.

In the end, the topic was fuelled by questions posed by our employees, who brought examples from their personal experience into the discussion. Such a complex topic sees an hour as too short a time to delve into it, but this KS was a great introduction to the subject and provided good clarification for those interested.

Tiago Moura joined the Finance & Administrative Services team at FMQ in early 2018.

He is interested in politics and enjoys playing football. On weekends, he referees matches!

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