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Invictvs Game Jam

Invictvs Game Jam was a success with a guarantee of continuity. Considered by many participants as "the best game jam they have ever attended," this game creation marathon attested to the quality of the Portuguese game dev community and increased the notoriety of Porto in the gaming scene.

During 48 hours non-stop, 25 games were produced, 9 talks were given, 1 gymnastics session, 1 tai chi session, and, in a relaxed atmosphere, the new FMQ brand image was presented, which anticipated a sunset party where developers began brainstorming on the theme of the jam: Lucky Shot.


A few minutes of rest, a lot of coffee, and an active catering service provided a pleasant working environment and, at the same time, fun for all participants. Despite the tiredness, the smiles were noticeable at 12:00 on the 10th of September when the projects were submitted for evaluation.


The sense of accomplishment on both sides at the closing session, and the lavish praise for the organization, made Invictvs an "event that decidedly raised the bar for Game Jams on national soil and, it must be said, reaped dividends in terms of the quality of games presented. There are Game Jams that are Game Gems, given the gems we find there."

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