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Doação da Fabamaq ao povo ucraniano como apoio para combate na guerra

Help on the way to Ukraine!

In war, there are no winners. Armed conflicts like the one we are witnessing right now in Ukraine bring devastating consequences to ordinary citizens, with impacts that will last for generations. But there are small gestures that can mitigate the negative effects on society and that is why we have decided to actively contribute to the international movement in support of the Ukrainian people.

How are we going to do it?

Fabamaq's support will be materialized in two different ways.

1st - Collecting essential goods - we are collecting essential goods that our Gamers want to donate until March 8th. This initiative is part of a coordinated action of the Porto Tech Hub association, which launched this challenge to its associated companies. The collected goods will then be delivered to the Rio Tinto Friendship Association, which will be responsible for getting all these resources to Ukraine.

2nd - Financial donation - we have already made donations to UNICEF Portugal and to the Cristo Rei Seminary in the total amount of 3.000 euros. This amount aims to help families and children at risk in Ukraine by facilitating the purchase of food, medicine and essential equipment that are currently in short supply in the country. Additionally, we recommend that all readers consult the links above so that they can assess the possibility of also making material or financial donations that will help these two institutions in their mission.

We close this article with a quote from Albert Camus. This writer and journalist lived through one of the most troubled periods in world history and managed to find in this experience a phrase that expresses a desire shared by almost everyone at this moment:

"Peace is the only battle worth fighting”.

Let's hope that peace can return soon and bring normality to all the Ukrainian citizens!

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