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Game over? Not with FMQ's Power Ups !

Power Ups may not change my life, but they're definitely a gamer's advantage

The heart of Fabamaq lies in the games we develop, always ensuring that the level we present is directly linked to the stability and conditions provided to our gamers. Culture is a decisive part of the game development process, and benefits are a crucial part of defining this culture. Among them are Power Ups - a monthly credit system that gives gamers the opportunity to enjoy various services.

Our gamer Vera Francisco has been with Fabamaq for over six years, and we sat down with her to discuss the usefulness of this program throughout her journey in the company until today. Below, we share her testimony:

"Power Ups haven't changed my life, but they're definitely an interesting perk. I've been using the program for a few years now and have gradually taken advantage of the services it includes. Currently, I use a small portion for a Retirement Savings Plan, some for education, and the remainder for the gym. 

Initially, I took advantage of the opportunity to set up a Retirement Savings Plan through Power Ups. Meanwhile, my son was born, started kindergarten, and I also started using the childcare vouchers that the system provides to help with nursery expenses. The childcare vouchers are a very interesting extra that I have, giving me some comfort because the covered amount is not taxed, allowing me to capitalize the full amount for its purpose and, at the same time, obtain an interesting tax benefit.

In addition to these two situations, I also allocate part of the value to the gym. Before incorporating this benefit into Power Ups, I already enjoyed a partnership the company had with another gym. With the office relocation, I started going to another gym closer to the Campo Alegre office. Essentially, this is an extra motivation that promotes this aspect of my life, which I might not have used without these partnerships. The fact that the gym is right next door and that I can pay with Power Ups makes everything more convenient and enjoyable.

Any of the three functionalities I'm using are very interesting benefits, and the advantage of the program is that the range of services allows for adapting credit management to the future. With my son going to school, I might, for example, use Education Vouchers to buy books or increase the Retirement Savings Plan, which is already a security I have for the future."


The list of services available in the Power Ups system includes gym subscriptions or public transport passes, childcare vouchers, online courses, or retirement savings plans, among other examples. Do you want to benefit from this program and experience being a gamer? Click here to see the opportunities we have available >>


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