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Fabamaq software house convidada a participar no Primavera Sound pela InvestPorto e Câmara Municipal do Porto

Fabamaq stirs the crowd at Primavera Sound Porto through InvestPorto initiative

Fabamaq made an impact at Primavera Sound Porto 2023 last June 9th. Being selected as one of the 35 companies attending the event by Porto Leading Investors, an initiative by InvestPorto, has further solidified our position as a leading player in the Porto tech company ecosystem.

The festival, which drew thousands of music enthusiasts and industry professionals from around the world, provided an ideal platform for Fabamaq to not only showcase our Gamer culture, but also demonstrate our visionary approach to shaping the future of Casino Gaming.

Fabamaq no Primavera Sound
Fabamaq was chosen to attend the event to showcase the city's entreperneurship spirit and grab the attention of thousands of booth visitors.

Meetup sessions at Primavera Sound festival spark productive conversations 

Featured as one of the 35 selected companies to attend the event at InvestPorto’s festival booth, our PIB team organized a highly engaging meetup session, which attracted students, job seekers, tech enthusiasts and industry professionals. 

As part of a project management program dedicated to investors and companies with high strategic interest and impact on Porto’s economy, the insightful meetups promoted by Porto Leading Investors captivated booths attendees and sparked conversations about the immense potential of the city’s tech industry.

Fabamaq no Primavera Sound
​Visitors were able to learn about the businesses, culture, and ongoing projects of the companies through the interactive tablets on display.

FMQ’s meetup session "Leading to excellence, changing the future - That's Porto!"aimed to raise awareness about the company's internal environment, values, and career opportunities, while also providing a stage for visitors to interact with our team and learn more about the exciting projects we are working on.

Joyful opportunities surrounded by nature and entertainment

Fabamaq's presence at Primavera Sound Porto 2023 proved to be a resounding success. The company received attention for its innovative solutions and seized the opportunity to network with key players, potential partners, and talented professionals seeking career opportunities.

We are proud to be part of the emerging tech community in Porto and honored to have been selected by Porto Leading Investors for this program. Our operation, which involves the direct contribution of over 200 Gamers, allows us to actively contribute to establishing the city as a prominent tech hub in the global landscape.

Fabamaq was selected to participate in the event and show the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, captivating the attention of the booth visitors.

The event not only strengthened our brand visibility but also paved the way for potential collaborations and partnerships that could shape the company's future growth trajectory.

As the last song plays out on Primavera Sound Porto 2023, at Fabamaq we look towards the future, remaining dedicated to our mission of driving entertaining solutions and changing the casino gaming world, one groundbreaking idea at a time.

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