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Fabamaq ganha o prêmio Fabamaq ganha prémios Healthy Workplaces que promove work-life balance

Fabamaq is a Healthy Workplace

Fabamaq won the first “Healthy Workplaces” prize in the Medium Size Company category. This award, organized by Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses, aims to recognize companies that promote safety, well-being and healthy workplace environments. The session organised yesterday at the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lisbon formalized this distinction.

The Healthy Workplace awards distinguish the work of Portuguese organizations that show evidence of a strong commitment to psychosocial risk management and the promotion of their employees' well-being. Fabamaq applied for the first time to this award and ensured the distinction due to its strategy and actions taken regarding the safety, health and well-being of its Gamers. 

For Tiago Gomes, People Business Partner at Fabamaq, the attribution of this prize is a satisfaction source:

“Being distinguished as one of the most healthy workplaces in Portugal is a fact that makes us proud. This award is like a stamp confirming that our proximity policy and well-being promotion strategy are on the right way, serving as a reference model for other companies in Portugal”, mentioned the Fabamaq representative. 

The awards attribution decision was a consequence of a demanding application process, which contained a checklist of good practices to follow in the workplace with several questions. These questions had a clear purpose: evaluate different aspects such as security, psychosocial risk management approach, promotion of healthy lifestyles, work-life balance or the existing incentives to develop the employees' skills, among others. 

The organizations that achieved a result equal to or superior to 60% of the score in the checklist mentioned took a Healthy Workplace stamp (levels one, two or three). Inside this group, organizations with the highest scores got also the Awards for Healthy Workplace. 

The delivery of the first prize to Fabamaq and the winners of the other categories (micro, small and big companies) happened yesterday, in a dedicated event organized by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lisbon. With the topic “Well-being and productivity”, this event had the attendance of Marta Temido, Minister of Health, and Miguel Fontes, Secretary of State for Labour. 

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