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Fabamaq celebrates festive season with a joyful Christmas Party

Fabamaq celebrated its Christmas party last December 16th. The event, which took place at Quinta da Prata, gathered its Gamers on a magical night filled with joy, good music, gifts and love all around. Let’s unwrap the highlights in this very special article.

When it comes to the holiday season, there’s no other place like home. That is why this year Fabamaq decided to bring the family closer and level up its party game by throwing a Christmas event no one would forget. We will tell you all about it.

Warming up to some festive jingles

The holiday decorations were all set, the Christmas tree ready to embrace some gifts, the welcome drinks perfectly placed on the countertops to receive guests. You could almost smell the sweet spirit of the season and hear the bells ringing when, out of the blue, Fabamaq’s Gamers knocked on the door of the charmful Quinta de Prata.

And just like that, the warmest night of the year started, surrounded by coziness, happiness, and companionship. Gamers gathered up, picked up their Christmas cocktails and cheered each other up on the best moments of 2022.
Suddenly, a playful quiz session started to build up the energy, followed by a Fabamaq’s Band outstanding performance, which entertained everyone with the best tunes at just the right pace and chorus, including a nostalgic Dragon Ball hit.

The ultimate ugly Christmas sweaters competition

After the warm-ups, all teams joined the Great Hall and sat, welcomed by the Christmas lights and great expectations. It was at that moment Gamers knew it was about to happen the best, most competitive moment of the night - the Ugly Christmas Sweater runway.


Fabamaq’s most courageous participants brought out their best Christmas vestments for the world to see, running through a very much demanding crowd, which clapped and screamed at the top of their lungs for the favourite outfits of the season. No such thing as an easy audience!


Did someone say feast?

After some music, expressive claps, and conversations, it was enough with the chit chats. It was time for some festive treats which Gamers enjoyed and begged for more, drooling over the dinner table over meaningful talks, loud toasts, and unstoppable laughs.


After the much-anticipated Christmas dinner, magic was served to Fabamaq’s Gamers. Between card playfulness and some out-of-the-top tricks, the magician surprised the audience with some jokes and pranks which lightened the mood even more.


Time for some Secret Santa moments!

Because sharing is caring, Fabamaq’s Gamers had a little get together around the Christmas tree and exchanged some Secret Santa gifts - funny presents, some more tender, others more thoughtful. There was enough for everyone to leave this party with a smile on their faces.


Christmas party gems on the dance floor

Did you think the most memorable time of the year ended here? You’re wrong, as the Secret Santa present swap was just the right invitation for even more enjoyable times, with the opening of the dance floor.

The groove was spotless and the music was so vibrant. Between catchy choreographies and improvised moves, Gamers danced their way to 2023, where dreams and hopes for a year of big jackpots are just around the corner.

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