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FMQ's Christmas

December 7th was a very special day for FMQ, as we managed to gather all the Gamers around the table and celebrate Christmas - a Christmas full of joy, sharing, and irreverence.



To kick things off, FMQ organized a customized Bingo game in its own image, complete with various jokes and surprises.

The good mood continued with an unexpected Stand Up Comedy session orchestrated by our Gamer Domingos Araújo, which stole many smiles and laughs.​

And since a gamer is a multifaceted artist, a spontaneous Music Jam was organized. This musical show was entirely improvised, and the stage was filled by anyone who wanted to share their talents: singing, dancing, or playing an instrument.




The exquisite dinner was served in a familiar atmosphere and decorated for the occasion. Although the event will not be forgotten anytime soon, within going back and forth on the dance floor, hundreds of photos were taken at a photo station set up for the purpose.​


Barriers were broken, bridges were built, friendships were fostered, strengthening this family that showed itself to be more prepared than ever for a 2018 that lies ahead full of challenges!

Grab a career jackpot and give your life a spin!

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