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FMQ SUMMIT: 3 days of sharing about games

FMQ SUMMIT brings three days of knowledge sharing dedicated to the casino games universe for the Portuguese Game Development community. DEV DAY (November 7th), CREATIVE DAY (November 14th) and QUALITY DAY (November 21st) compose this event organized by Fabamaq which is taking place at its office in Porto. Get all the details about FMQ Summit in this article!
November brings the debut of FMQ SUMMIT. From software development to creativity passing by the tests area, there is a lot to learn in this event. FMQ SUMMIT will include six talks guided by experts connected to the casino industry in land-based and online universes.  
More than three Knowledge Sharings open to the public, the three days of FMQ SUMMIT are opportunities for the participants to know Fabamaq’s office, feel the culture created by our Gamers and even find a potential path for their career.

FMQ SUMMIT: the meeting point for true Gamers

Designed for all people curious about coding, graphic design, tests or simply the universe of casino games, FMQ SUMMIT counts on promotional support from Porto Tech Hub. The event promises to provide theoretical concepts and relevant practices for the professional future of its participants. Explore the event’s agenda below:

DEV DAY | FMQ SUMMIT (November 7th)

DEV DAY is the kick-off of FMQ SUMMIT and it will unveil details about the daily change of programming casino games to run in the physical and online segments.
The first session theme is “Production and development of games at FMQ”. Marco Paiva, Head of Bingo Development at Fabamaq, will speak about the software development cycles integrated into casino games creation. The research for techniques that evolve codebases and the main challenges associated with this process (taking into consideration the vision and methodologies used by the company) is another relevant topic to be discussed in this opening talk.
In the second session, we will have a “Barehanded Snake Charming” under the orientation of Rui Rei, Senior Software Engineer of Web Gaming at Fabamaq. During this presentation, the speaker will solve challenges using only the tools available with one vanilla installation of Python: built-ins and pattern libraries.


The second journey of FMQ SUMMIT will be a CREATIVE DAY and it will push the participants’ boundaries of imagination in a day dedicated to graphic design and creativity.
On the first talk of CREATIVE DAY, José Teixeira, Graphic Designer of Creative Core at Fabamaq, will explain how to “Animate for online casino games”. During this session, the attendees will have the opportunity to understand what is behind the creation of online casino games at Fabamaq and identify the tools or technologies used in the graphic design process.
“Design for Entertainment” is the motto for the second session of CREATIVE DAY. Francisco Modesto, Graphic Designer at Game Art, will guide the session and explain the details of the games’ portfolio developed by Fabamaq for physical casinos. This talk will also be an opportunity to explore the graphic art creation process from concept until the commercial announcement of the product, passing by the execution, post-production and application stages. The relationship between the commitment to answering the demands, meeting expectations and the game experience provided to the players will be another topic in focus during the session.

QUALITY DAY | FMQ SUMMIT (November 21st)

QUALITY DAY is the ending thematic journey of FMQ SUMMIT. This day will redirect the focus to the testing area and quality patterns required to have casino games ready to be played internationally.

The “Automation of functionality tests” opens the agenda for this day. Gabriel Moço, Software Test Engineer of Game Testing at Fabamaq, will explain the Quality Analysis processes used at Fabamaq and share the principal duties and routines of the Game Testing team. The relevance of functionality tests during the game development process and the automation of test cases are other topics included in the contents agenda of this talk.
The final talk of the event will share information about “Quality Control at FMQ Digital under the guidance of Juliana Costa, Software Test Analyst of Web Gaming at Fabamaq, the attendees will have the opportunity to understand the work developed by the Web Gaming team. The identification of the main tools, test environments, browsers, operative systems and bug reports used in the Quality Control process of online casino games are other topics included in the agenda. In the end, attendees shall leave the session with more knowledge about the different types of manual and automatic tests by seeing a practical example of automatic tests used in online casino games.

Can I attend FMQ SUMMIT?

If you love technology and want to improve your technical knowledge with useful learnings for the future, this event is for you. If you are curious about casino games or video games but have no experience in this area, this event is also for you.
FMQ SUMMIT’s first edition is open to the community and there are no special requirements to attend and join the talks. Sharing is part of Fabamaq’s DNA and that’s why we want to share all this knowledge with the people interested in technology.

Is FMQ SUMMIT an online or physical event?

FMQ SUMMIT is an in-person event at Fabamaq’s office in Porto. The three days of the event start at 3:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm.

What is the cost and how can I register for FMQ SUMMIT?

FMQ Summit is a free event. The individuals that want to be part of the three journeys of the event just have to complete the registration using Eventbrite. If you want to attend FMQ SUMMIT get your seat for DEV DAY, CREATIVE DAY or QUALITY DAY as soon as possible because we only have 60 seats available for each one of the three days. See you there?

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