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FMQ Digital: New Address, New Brand!

This isn't just a cliché "new year, new life" scenario. This is a serious case of a new address, a new brand! The former Obu Studios team, now known as Web Gaming, has moved to the Campo Alegre office, working physically alongside all the teams contributing to the production of the online games we develop. Simultaneously, Obu Studios (as a business unit brand of Fabamaq for the online gaming segment) transitions into FMQ Digital. This is the natural transition following Fabamaq's objective to explore the benefits associated with synergies and the growing proximity between the development processes of games for both physical and online casino segments.

It's time to gather the entire gamers' family at the Campo Alegre office. This is another step aimed at contributing to the unification of the company in terms of business and operations. João Maia, Chief Operations Officer of Fabamaq, explains the context: "Our facilities at Campo Alegre give us all the conditions to accommodate the entire online operation. Therefore, we have every reason to be together under the same roof and explore the advantages that arise from this closeness."

"This change took place on Fabamaq's team-building day. Team Building is an important moment of sharing and experiencing the spirit of the whole Fabamaq, and therefore, we wanted this transition to happen on this important day for reinforcing the company's culture."

In this process, the online games developed by FMQ will be delivered to our clients under the label of the new business unit brand - FMQ Digital. Regarding external communication and the digital footprint of the brand, the digital profiles of the still Obu Studios will be merged with Fabamaq's profiles (on all channels that allow this operation). This option aims to reinforce the credibility and notoriety gained by Fabamaq over almost a decade.

The parent brand Fabamaq and the business unit brand FMQ Digital share the same message, limitations, and communication objectives. Consequently, this moment of convergence is the ideal context to bring FMQ Digital's stories into Fabamaq's channels and extract the maximum potential from the differences and specificities of the two production processes – land-based and online – in a brand with established credentials in the world of technology.

If you want to learn more about our game development operation for the online segment, follow the updates on this website and on our social media channels - Facebook,LinkedIn and Instagram.

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