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FIJMA22: A Trip to Madrid's Recap

Fabamaq is back to the international itinerary of casino gaming fairs and took several Gamers to FIJMA22 - Feria Internacional del Juego, between March 15th and 17th, in Madrid. The three-day experience on Spanish soil allowed visitors to experience the products developed by various industry players and get a clearer sense of their future in the short term.

But how does it feel to visit an international gaming fair? Why is it essential for the daily work of those who develop casino games? What does one bring from these experiences? These were the questions that led us to talk to Cátia Figueiredo (Product Manager at Fabamaq) and Hélder Santos (Graphic Designer at Fabamaq) to understand the real impact of this trip to FIJMA22. The final result is in the video below:


FIJMA is a consolidated event in the casino gaming industry. With several editions held, the fair brings together different types of agents operating in this area - casinos, companies that develop games, offices, and gaming peripherals, among other operators. FIJMA welcomes not only players with established operations in the Spanish market, but also globally. In this edition of the fair several video bingos, slots, and table games created at Fabamaq were exhibited.

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