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FMQ Anniversary

On March 23rd, we celebrated Fabamaq's 9th anniversary and decided to do it in the best possible way by opening our doors to those closest to us.

Choosing to celebrate the anniversary with the onset of spring has its advantages. The weather called for an outdoor lunch, and we spread out the tablecloths on long tables in the courtyard, where conversation, food, and drink took on the colours of the new graffiti art (by Oker) and the laughter of those present.

We will not soon forget the relaxed and familial atmosphere with which young and old celebrated this FMQ anniversary. The new building was divided into two main leisure areas: the ground floor, where lunch was served, and the terrace, where one could enjoy a drink with a view.

But there was also room for activities.

After lunch, there was theatre and children's entertainment for the little ones, and the Tuna of FEUP treated us to a musical moment. We participated in the "tree of life": a printed tree, symbolizing our growth, where we stamped our fingers as leaves.


And finally, we sang "Happy Birthday" (with cake, of course!) and wished that this new home would be the stage for many other pleasant surprises!

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