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5000€ in the stocking and a solidarity bingo

Our Gamers contributed with more than 5000 euros and a charity bingo for a brighter future for four initiatives with a social mission. The Pirilampo Mágico campaign, APPACDM, Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Santa Isabel and Solar do Mimo were the beneficiaries of this pair of solidarity actions that we carried out throughout 2020.

Fabamaq was born in February 2010, has grown and transformed and is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. In addition to the casino games launched and the markets conquered along the way, we have also gained notoriety and responsibility for the community in which we operate. Sharing is a well-established value in our DNA, and we like to practise it among ourselves, but also with others. That's also why we decided to go ahead with these social actions!

More than 5000 euros for social purposes

By Christmas 2019, we had donated more than two thousand euros to Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Santa Isabel and opened a channel for Gamers to contribute directly to social institutions. In 2020, we extended the scope of the action and included the Pirilampo Mágico campaign and APPACDM among the beneficiaries, with our Gamers distributing 5301 euros to the three institutions throughout 2020. The purpose of this amount is to directly support the fulfilment of these organisations' purpose in the community!

A game in the form of a gift

Our Gamers' gift list has even more recipients. Continuing a tradition, we started a few years ago, we opened a new charity bingo game for the Solar do Mimo charity.

At the start, 16 balls were presented, each of which represented the wish of a child or young person at risk supported by the Solar do Mimo care centre. Gamers, individually or organised in teams, responded to the requests, and took it upon themselves to make all the balls in play come true, successfully completing another charity bingo. The gifts were handed over today to Rafael Abreu, technical director of the Seia-based reception centre, who was accompanied by a small group of young people supported by the institution.

More information on each organisation

Pirilampo Mágico - a national campaign organised by FENACERCI - the National Federation of Social Solidarity Cooperatives - which aims to support people with intellectual or multi-disabilities and the organisations that support them.

APPACDM - Associação Portuguesa de Pais e Amigos do Cidadão Deficiente Mental do Porto (Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Handicapped Citizens of Porto) is a non-profit, social solidarity association that consists in the voluntary initiative of private individuals and supports people of all ages with developmental delays, intellectual disabilities or incapacities.

Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Santa Isabel - an institution based in Vila Nova de Gaia whose mission is to promote recreational, sporting, and cultural activities for people with motor or cognitive difficulties. The association also aims to provide its users with an environment of fraternity and well-being.

Solar do Mimo - a reception centre for children and young people considered to be at social risk. Its mission is to psychologically assess and monitor these young people in the cognitive, socio-affective, emotional, and behavioural domains in order to facilitate their normal future social integration.

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