in the best city in the world
Alright chums, let's do this...
Back in 2010, we were a startup made of 9 fearless minds. It was the beginning of a big fellowship, like The Lord of the Rings.
Energy Expansion
We've reached the 120 gamers mark in just 7 years. This impressive and expansive growth continues and will lead us to a new home!
A new brand is born
Success brought us new challenges. We took 8 years of expertise developing games to the online environment and launched the OBU Studios brand (now FMQ Digital).
The year of changes
We reached the 170 gamers mark, moved our entire operation to Campo Alegre and rebranded Obu Studios to FMQ Digital.
FIJMA22: o balanço de 2 Gamers sobre a id
A Fabamaq voltou ao roteiro internacional com uma visita à FIJMA 22. Fomos ouvir 2 Gamers para percebermos o balanço da sua experiência em Madrid.